Staff directory

Executive First Name Surname
Relieving Principal Ian BARKER
Relieving Deputy Principal Jane GARNSEY
Head Teacher, Creative & Performing Arts/ Mathematics Jeffrey WILLEY
Head Teacher Admin/Science Coordinator Janine FOAT
Relieving Head Teacher Humanities David OWENS
Relieving Head Teacher Teaching & Learning Kyomi COOPAMAH
School Admin Manager Jan  SAUNDERS
Manager Music Program/Outreach Julie SIMONDS
Support Staff First Name Surname
School Admin Manager Jan  SAUNDERS
Manager Music Program/Outreach Julie SIMONDS
Business Manager Lisa McMANUS
School Admin Officer Rosa  MOLLICA
School Admin Officer Linda BERWICK
School Admin Officer Fiona MATTHEWS
School Admin Officer Kiran DAVE
School Admin Officer Jenny NEIL-SMITH
IT Support Ondrej ZIMA
General Assistant Terence JONES
Welfare First Name Surname
School Counsellor Roslyn ISLES
Peak Performance Coach Dharshini SELLATHURAI
Youth Worker Anil TARAR
Creative and Performing Arts First Name Surname
Head Teacher, Creative & Performing Arts Jeffrey WILLEY
Music Ian BARKER
Music Michael BRADSHAW
Music Jane CATERIS
Music Jean LEE
Music/Outreach Carla TROTT
Visual Arts Nina MORRISON
Manager Music Program/Outreach Julie SIMONDS
Humanities First Name Surname
Humanities Jane GARNSEY
Humanities Diana HASCHE
Humanities Margaret HURRELL
Humanities Gordon MOKWA
Humanities Ngaire DE KORTE
Relieving Head Teacher Humanities. Fed. Rep. David OWENS
Humanities Kyomi COOPAMAH
Maths/Science   First Name Surname
Head of Mathematics and Science Janine FOAT
Maths Suzanne BERGER
Maths Michael SKRILL
Maths/Science   Mai Ha RAWSON
Maths/Science/Tech Paul ANDERSON
Maths Leah BARRY
Science Owen SHEPHERD
Languages First Name Surname
Chinese Shuangshuang (Beryl) LI
Sport First Name Surname
PDHPE, Sports Co-ordinator Natasha STENBERG
Learning Support & Academic Advisers First Name Surname
Year 7 Mai Ha RAWSON
Years 9 & 11 Gordon MOKWA
Years 8, 10 & 12 Owen SHEPHERD
Student Adviser Nina MORRISON
Careers Adviser First Name Surname
Careers Adviser Leah BARRY
Library First Name Surname
Teacher Librarian David KEARNEY
Library Assistant Jenny NEIL-SMITH