Mission Statement

The Conservatorium High School was established in 1918 at the behest of the inaugural director of the NSW State Conservatorium of Music, Henri Verbrugghen. He firmly believed that a good general education is as much a necessity to a musician as to a lawyer or a medical practitioner. One hundred years later, the school remains faithful to this credo.

Through its school-based programs and its collaboration with the tertiary arm of the Conservatorium of Music, Sydney University’s School of Music, the Conservatorium High affords intellectually and musically gifted students extensive experience and training in all aspects of music while providing them with a top-notch, broad secondary education.

The Conservatorium High is dedicated to the pursuit of academic and artistic excellence. It esteems the ideals of honesty, integrity and equity, and is committed to providing a supportive and stimulating environment in which students can strive to realise to the full their academic, social and creative musical potential.

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