As the State’s only specialist music school, we are committed to developing in our students the knowledge, skills, understandings, attitudes, habits, dispositions and mindsets required to become Whole Musicians. We believe making music benefits the community and brings joy. The Whole Musician is creative and productive – and most importantly resilient. Combined with their knowledge of character strengths our students are focused on the belief Be Good, Feel Good and Do Good.

Physical wellbeing is an intrinsic part of a flourishing Whole Musician. We enjoy access to the Botanic Gardens and a number of sporting venues including Cook and Phillip Aquatic Centre, Tarpeian Way, King George Oval, Rushcutters Bay Tennis, Sydney University Sports etc.

Leadership: we believe all students should be equipped with the skills to lead when  they finish school. In their final two years of schooling all students receive Positive Leadership training and are admitted as School Leaders in Year 12 when they have completed their training.