Changes to 2020 Assessment and Audition Schedule

Due to exceptional circumstances brought about by the Covid-19 Virus and the need to ensure that ‘social distancing’ requirements are scrupulously adhered to, the Conservatorium High School has made some changes in the way it will be conducting this year’s assessment and audition process for students applying for entry in 2021.
Instead of concentrating all the component activities into a one-week period in the middle of Term 3 (as advised on our website), this year the assessment process will be spread out over several months. The school will be taking advantage of the absence of tertiary students to make full use of the Conservatorium’s many spacious rehearsal rooms and auditoria.
We can assure parents and students that all due precautions will be strictly observed. In addition to maintaining the requisite physical distance, the audition panel will wear facemasks; piano keyboards will be cleaned after every student; applicants will be attended to in a manner designed to minimise their contact with other people.
Parents are urged to act now if they wish their child to be considered for entry into the Conservatorium High in 2021. Fill out the on-line Expression of Interest form without delay  The Manager of the Music Program will be in touch with you to discuss further details.