Project Question: “How can we improve our lockdown period in a way that effectively brings pre-lockdown memories to people who miss the outside world via games that replicate things we’d be doing right now without COVID-19?”

Our group is called YIRAWI (Yi Hsien, Rolan, Allison, Alfred and Wilson). The product our group created for the project is a simulation game. We coded the game on scratch, because it makes coding easier and the game can be shared and accessed easily. Inside the game, there are minigames of activities we miss doing during lockdown. I think our target audience for our game are younger children around 6-8 years old, as older children could get bored of it easily.


Project Question: “How can we improve the time management of people during lockdown in an efficient way so that they could do all their tasks and activities and still have a lot of time for freedom?”

We coded an unfinished website which currently has a timer which you need to set a date for. When finished, the website should have a monthly calendar for events, and a coin system where you can gain coins by completing the tasks that you have set in time which comes with a shop with different skins to buy for your avatar. The website could be turned into an app using an app builder.

We tried making a website with a website builder for free but that did not work out because we would either need to pay or have extremely limited functions so we decided to code the website ourselves.


Project Question: “How can we revolutionise face masks?”

Our project was to create an online shop to buy easily accessible, eco-friendly masks. Our group created a website that gives customers information on the negative environmental impact of single-use masks and how to avoid contributing to these detrimental effects. Our mask design is eco-friendly, and we can make small, medium, and large masks. The material the masks we designed are made of is either bamboo fabric or recycled cotton. Our website, MecoMasks, details how these two fabrics are good for the environment. We have answered the question, (​​how can we channel and embody our creativity to promote hope and optimism in times of a pandemic?), by giving people the choice to be good to the environment.


Project Question: “How can we distract ourselves from the pandemic by creatively combining different forms of art?”

We are building and designing an art gallery in Minecraft which holds our own, original Brahms-inspired artworks inside. The gallery has been designed with the special theme of Brahms. The artworks are all related to the same theme but with different ideas of the composer: Some are inspired by his music while others are portraits, some combine both and some represent last year’s Brahms house concerts. The idea was a combination of few before it. With some background knowledge about the game Minecraft and coding, plus other people’s skills combined, we decided this is a good idea to stick with. It is something original and creative, promotes optimism with the power of good memories and is interesting in its own way. It relates to us as artists and musicians, along with the school’s artistic persona which we most love it for.


Project Question: “How has mental health affected us during the Pandemic?”

The Pandemic has increased the number of mental health cases especially during lockdown when everyone did not have human interaction. Because of the Pandemic, anxiety and depression has heightened for many people because of social distancing with family members and loved ones. Isolation has been tough for many people. My group (Year 10 Brahms), decided to create a short film video about mental health during the pandemic for awareness of the issue and ideas on how you could regulate your mental health. We made an animation style video with artworks which Seoeun and I created. We hope that our short film will make people motivated and will allow people to better understand the importance of mental health.

Abbie, Christine, Kian & Rachel

Project Question: “How the illusion of a ‘centrist’ government can unite a population, especially in times of adversity, namely warfare, climate disasters and health crises.”

The overview of our product is reimagining the centrist ideology to our beliefs, and instead of creating a middle ground between ‘Left’ and ‘Right’, we have both politically ‘left; stances and politically ‘right’ stances, which cancel out one another. The question we have posed as a group is: “How the illusion of a ‘centrist’ government can unite a population, especially in times of adversity, namely warfare, climate disasters and health crises.” We answered this question as we used the stance that the majority believe in, and added our own beliefs on it on how it can unite a population. We believe that everyone has both political ‘left’ and ‘right’ stances within, and therefore, “What is the point of having opposing sides, if we all have both inside us?”. Our product is a speech pushing this, and posters with our stance on them.

This project was completed over the course of six or so weeks. We endeavoured to answer our proposed question: How the illusion of a ‘centrist’ government would emerge, and its  effectiveness to unite a population especially in times of adversity, namely warfare, climate disasters and health crises? Our group began with initial research on the characteristics of each side of the political spectrum. Such became incorporated into our differentiation of the Left and Right, resulting in our calculation of our ideology’s ‘stances’. To ensure the final product was entertaining and interactive, a video/slide presentation was created. An empathetic and straightforward introduction was presented to provide context for our proposals. Such was followed by our stances and sentiments. We also initiated a teen consultation program to involve our youths in day-to-day affairs concerning the nation. The project was wrapped off with a conclusion.

Aaron, RYAN, Teppei, Charlie

Project Question: “How does creativity flourish in the face of adversity?”

The purpose of this product is to entertain and inform. We created this video to explain to viewers and the audience our life during the lockdown and what we can do to be more creative during the time. This video will be like a YouTube video and the ‘comment section will ask us questions about creativity and our lives during lockdown. We also answered a sub question regarding the main question (how can you enhance creativity during this pandemic?). We talk about how to enhance creativity and some tips and solutions to this pandemic. We also overcome adversity such as this pandemic or being absent due to injury and busy timetables where we cannot record due to lessons. In conclusion our answer to this video would be both our content inside the video and the content outside the video, the process.


Project Question: “How do we raise awareness/promote public safety?”

We have made an interactive quiz that can be used as a compulsory educational information to any party venues or public party events. Since it is an interactive quiz and provides different answers to what you select, it is more appealing and memorable than a regular quiz. 

The quiz mostly is directed towards teenagers, but can be used for many different age groups, including younger generations and young adults. It covers topics that are generally known within young adults but may be new to younger teenagers, or those who need a reminder as they may have not been paying attention in health classes. It covers topics such as spiking, use of alcohol, making sure you get home safely, etc as well as things to keep others around you safe. With more time, we could have covered more topics, and not just talked about public safety within parties.

We have also changed the quiz to be more interactive and appealing, by making it a choose-your-own-adventure quiz that may appeal to younger teenagers