Alex G, Oliver, Jack, Horace

Project Question: “How do we help people with physical disabilities?”

Candace, sophie, amily, caitlin

Project Question: “What are some ways to help combat overpopulation?”

Our final product is a sustainable apartment complex that will help overcome overpopulation and is also environmentally friendly to help stop climate change and destroying the environment at the same time. Our apartment complex has 8 levels to maximise space and not have to do lots of foundations but we didn’t have enough time and materials to build 8 levels so we made it three instead. Our apartment block has a rooftop garden (that we didn’t put on the model) and solar panels. The solar panels allow the apartment complex to run off renewable energy, which is better for the planet, and the rooftop garden means that the space of a traditional garden on the ground floor can be reused for something else. Each apartment will get natural sunlight and the buildings will be well insulated to reduce the use of energy. The garden utilises green walls so maximise space, privacy and can even make is multi purposeful.

Alex H, AIDAN, YUZUKA, harry, Kayla

Project Question: “How would the world survive if water levels rose above countries?”

Our project is on a building that people can stay in if the water levels rise above a level where people can live. We made a Minecraft structure that is made out of plastic, as there is too much littering the earth and we can use the plastic for something useful. The energy is sourced from wave energy and solar energy. The food is cultivated in a separate area where there is an endless cycle of the seeds being planted, human waste gets used as fertilizer, then some of the crops that are harvested are the seeds and that goes on. There are also many recreational areas like a pool. There is a school in case there is an emergency and people go there to learn about the evacuation plan. It is also there for education.


Project Question: “How can we improve the sustainability of energy and ecology and overcome the adversities linked with maintaining sustainable resources and environments?”

Our groups’ curiosity project was based around improving the sustainability of energy and ecology and overcoming the adversities linked with maintaining sustainable resources and environments. Our group decided to research sustainable forms of energy production. Jasper was the person who focused on this topic, and he came to the conclusion that it was beneficial to invest in solar energy. The other part of our project was research about the benefits of the use of mushrooms and mushroom farming in terms of improving sustainability across a wide range of fields such as water purification and efficient food sourcing and production.


Project Question: “How can adversity cultivate a sustainable cooking environment?”

Food waste is a matter that crosses both ethical and environmental matters. We aim to increase awareness and cultivate a sustainable environmentally-friendly future. The recent pandemic has brought many households time, with kids having extra time and parents not having to pick them up. We believe that we can be productive, using this time to move our society forward and contribute to the environment. We have included ways to sustainably cook and source ingredients as well as alternatives to accommodate a variety of people. This way, society can move forward from the adversity that COVID-19 posed and cook delicious meals!

Owen, EMMA, IAN, chloe s, Maggie

Project Question: “How can we create hope and optimism during adversities?”

The adversity that our product helps is natural disasters such as bushfires, droughts and floods. Our city centre building is a six story building that provides accommodation, wellbeing programs, hospitals, age care and activities for anyone in need of help after being affected by natural disasters. By providing these facilities, these people that have lost their belongings, can come together and be safe without having to worry much. Facilities such as gyms, age care, pools and gardens, provide a friendly area for our customers and provide hope after their loss. While staying at our building, you are provided with a comfortable room with all the necessities which you and your family can use, facilities for your wellbeing to help you have hope and for your stay to feel the best.


Project Question: “How does creativity flourish in the face of adversity?”

The purpose of this product is to entertain and inform. We created this video to explain to viewers and the audience our life during the lockdown and what we can do to be more creative during the time. This video will be like a YouTube video and the ‘comment section will ask us questions about creativity and our lives during lockdown. We also answered a sub question regarding the main question (how can you enhance creativity during this pandemic?). We talk about how to enhance creativity and some tips and solutions to this pandemic. We also overcome adversity such as this pandemic or being absent due to injury and busy timetables where we cannot record due to lessons. In conclusion our answer to this video would be both our content inside the video and the content outside the video, the process.