Isaac, Leon, Emmaline, Alvin

Project Question: “How do we overcome mental adversity?”

My group decided to create a product that solves mental adversity, which is an adversity  that many are going through and is quite relatable, especially since COVID-19 started. We created a slides presentation about what mental adversity is, its connection to COVID-19, how we can overcome it, communities who are most at risk, adversity’s purpose and role in our lives, the importance of creativity, and the detriments of creativity. We have answered the question by creating a video on Canva about these topics and an advertisement that outlines what we can do to find hope and optimism in the face of mental adversity.

Daisy, Violet, Rachel, Jemma

Project Question: “How does speculative literature/art (especially science fiction) predict or influence how society evolves?”

Our product is a Prezi describing and displaying the foundations of our city’s culture, physical appearance, social and economic systems. Our Society is supposed to carry forward the best aspects of humanity, the ideologies that inspired centuries of writers and artists, and the documentation of the true human experience. This is reflected in the art, music and literature that we have chosen to be the foundation of our society. The way much science fiction literature deconstructs human nature is especially useful in creating a society where you continue the best aspects of human nature and the way humans deal with new and alien situations, whether it be colonising other planets or reconstructing a post apocalyptic society

Katelyn, Pia, Chloe P, Margaret

Project Question: “What activities can we do to stay mentally healthy during lockdown?”


Our project was to create an online shop to buy easily accessible, eco-friendly masks. Our group created a website that gives customers information on the negative environmental impact of single-use masks and how to avoid

Our group, separated our project into two groups; the city and an inquiry question. After later discussion with teachers and fellow peers we realised that the two were supposed to be connected but by then we were already halfway through the project. For the inquiry question we focused on mental health and began by researching art’s impact on an individual’s mental health. Finding positive results we linked the idea to how lockdown had catastrophic effects for Australia’s mental health. This led to our group creating a list of fun activities under the subheadings of art, exercise, meditation and hobbies to keep people occupied and happy during lockdown.

 We took inspiration from the current environmental crisis when designing our city and created it so as to be as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible. The city can be best described as medieval, during our research we came to the conclusion that a city can only be one hundred percent eco friendly without technology because as useful and progressive it is, the harm outweighs the positives. Humanity wouldn’t have the positive technology we have today like computers, phones, desalination plants, satellites or planes without also creating and discovering environmentally detrimental machinery. Meaning, all the amazing and innovative technology we have created since the dawn of time is born out of mining excessively, industrial revolutions and pollution and deforestation. The city is self sustainable with enough farms and water sources to provide plentiful supplies for the population.

Eli, Horatio, Grace, Amelie

Project Question: “How does creativity and curiosity combat adversity?”

The adversity which our city is facing is drought. We have implemented products and ways for the people and animals to survive this drought and overcome this adversity. Using our creativity and critical thinking skills we came up with 2 products which are both powered by solar panels. This is the desalination plant and the cacti crushing machine. Because we were able to be curious about other droughts in rural areas and be creative in coming up with our products, it proved that these things help in overcoming adversity by making the city a better and more livable place.

Daniel, Gabe, Vincent, Jodie

Project Question: “How can we channel and embody creativity to convey hope and optimism in the face of adversity?”

 With my group we decided to create a world in minecraft. Our world is designated in 4 different sections with each section having a different and unique style. The styles we chose were Japanese, Suburban, snow section, and grassland. 

We decided to answer the question by representing solutions to adversities that occur globally. Our adversities include wasting energy, greenhouse gas emissions, loss of natural species, non eco-friendly transport, and farms that affect the environment. By solving these adversities we hope to create a world that is both livable and eco-friendly.

Some of the solutions we came up with are using solar energy, water mills for agriculture, abundance of bushland, access to shops and services, fast electric powered transportation, and functional farms that font emit harmful gases. 

Lisa, Caitlin, Jonathan, Faith

Project Question: “How can we combine different mediums and voices to portray universal concerns of community, compassion and empathy to convey hope in isolation?”

Our project is a video involving multiple mediums including music, animation, pictures, poetry and narration. Its main theme concerns the matter of hopelessness felt in isolation and the compassion and empathy that others can provide to those suffering alone. The very act of using multiple mediums answers the first part of the question and the contents of the very mediums answer the second part. The music contains dark and quiet themes representing hopelessness while it modulates to a lighter more playful mood later on, the compassion. The voice over narrates a story of lost and found hope while the animation accompanies it with a visual presentation.

alice, sarah, clara, scarlett

Project Question: “How people can fight through adversity with art?”

We decided on a collage that contains research of people who have faced adversity, and made a difference in their community with the art they have made. The intention is to inspire people, and show examples of how, though having difficult lives, people can overcome their troubles. We included a graffiti wall on the back of our collage, representing community and the creation of art in a spontaneous way. We built on each other’s artwork, and painted what we loved to. Our work aims to show community, persistence, and to show creativity.

Maddie, Anneke, Kanon, Audrey

Project Question: “How can we channel and embody creativity to convey hope and optimism in the face of adversity?”

Angela, Nara, Ben, Mia

Project Question: “How can we showcase hope and despair felt throughout the COVID 19 pandemic?”

Our group decided to take this creative opportunity to create a website, displaying various merchandise, artworks and a video representing the emotions that we as students felt throughout the pandemic and each of these creations reflect both the hope and despair we felt due to the extended lockdown. This pandemic has brought endless uncertainty and with it, students feel more anxious and unsure then ever before, but our project question allowed us to gain some perspective towards the overwhelming emotions we felt and find some peace by challenging and representing our emotions on these artworks and merchandise.