Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) & Dates

The Expression of interest (EOI) can be located on Con High website. Once this document is filled in, the Conservatorium High will send you the Application to Audition requesting birth certificate, school reports, music reports, NAPLAN results, photograph and Australian or overseas citizenship info.

The application costs are $90 for a MAJOR audition (the instrument/voice the applicant considers to be their strongest instrument) and $40 for a MINOR audition (the instrument/voice/composition the applicant considers to be their second instrument).

This fee is not refundable.


February 2021 Expression of interest (EOI) to apply for an audition via Conservatorium High website

11th March 2021 Selective High School Placement Test

25th June 2021 Applications close

Saturday 7th August 2021 Auditions begin at Conservatorium High

Saturday 21st August 2021 Workshops for all applicants

September 2021 Students find out if they have been offered a place


How much are the fees at Conservatorium High?

The Conservatorium High School is part of the NSW public education system, as such, students are asked to pay standard State School contributions.

What makes Con High the State’s specialist music school is the comprehensive Music Program that is unique to this school. Parents make a flat-rate contribution of $5,000 per year.

There are scholarships available.

Should you be experiencing financial hardship, please contact the school.

How many students are accepted each year?

The total enrolment of the school is limited to approximately 160 students due to the physical space available and the configuration of classrooms.

Does the Conservatorium High cater only for classical music?

Conservatorium High students complete the Music 2 syllabus. The standard repertoire is from the Western art-music tradition. Students are nonetheless exposed to a variety of musical traditions including Jazz, Folk and Popular music. Prospective/future students only interested in popular music only offered in Music 1 will be unable to complete the course at Conservatorium High. The school does not offer the Music 1 syllabus.

What is the school’s Music Program?

In addition to individual instrumental/vocal lessons, the Music Program includes Large Ensembles (orchestra and band), Choir, Composition, Functional Piano, Chamber Music/Small Ensembles and Performance Workshop classes.

Does the school accept international students?

The school is permitted to accept applications from international students. Conditions apply.

Does the Conservatorium High have an ‘open day’?

No. We invite all interested students, parents and carers to attend our public concerts in the Conservatorium. These concerts can be found on our website.