School Captains and House Captains

Our School Captains and House Captains are voted into these positions of Student Leadership through a preferential voting system.

Our students vote in a School Captain and School Vice Captain to promote and assist the student body as leaders of the SRC and to represent the school at official functions. Our School Captains manage the weekly school assemblies, host school functions and move into the wider community as ambassadors for the school. The School Captains are a vital link between students and staff, providing a representative voice for all students directly to the executive of the school through regular meetings between the Captains and the Principal.

House Captains are voted in, as a team of 2, by their respective houses. House Captains lead their houses, Bach, Beethoven and Brahms in swimming and athletics carnivals, in House Related welfare activities and in the House Concerts. House Captains also host assemblies and represent the student body to assist the school management with our continual improvement of school processes and policies.

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