The Conservatorium High School is committed to the wellbeing of every student and our aim is for all our students to flourish. Our student identifies school values are respect, compassion and integrity and we aim to create a positive learning environment based on these values. We encourage a growth mindset and use character strengths as the foundation of our Student Management Plan.

As the State’s only specialist music school, we are committed to developing in our students the knowledge, skills, understandings, attitudes, habits, dispositions and mindsets required to become Whole Musicians. We believe making music benefits the community and brings joy. Combined with their knowledge of character strengths our student are focused on the belief – Be Good, Feel Good Do Good.

We believe all students should be equipped with the skills to lead when they finish school. In their final two years of schooling all students receive Positive Leadership training and are admitted as school Leaders when they complete their training.

The Conservatorium High School Leadership Program is designed to help students to:

  • Identify their values

  • Play to their character strengths

  • Develop aspects of teamwork, respect and communication skills


At CHS we believe we have a responsibility to develop leadership skills in all student. All members of the community are asked to encourage students to be leaders.​

Values of Leadership Word Cloud generated by the Y11’s 2021

School Captains and House Captains