Student representative council

Student representative council

An SRC is a group of students in a school elected by their fellow students. The Conservatorium High School SRC is designed around the principles set down by the DET in their Charter for SRCs. SRC members represent all students in the school and organise ways for students to participate in school life.

Charter for student representative councils

Involved students

Students should be active citizens of the school community and have their ideas and opinions routinely sought and respected.

Making real decisions

Students from Kindergarten to Year 12 are encouraged to contribute to and participate in decision-making in their school.

In many places

Representative students can inform decision-making throughout the Department of Education and Training and in the wider community.

For everyone

Opportunities for participation and leadership must be inclusive of gender, special needs, cultural background, sexuality, socio-economic status and geographically remote circumstances.

Chosen fairly

The methods used to involve students in decisions affecting their lives should model Australian democratic and representative practices.

Well supported

Students will be prepared for and supported in their leadership and decision-making roles through all aspects of the curriculum, in classroom, whole school and out-of-school activities.

Appropriately recognised

The skills, values, knowledge and attitudes that students learn from participation in school life are vital to their future role as citizens of a democratic society.

Effective student leadership practices provide opportunities for students to:
  • feel in control of their learning. This means significant input to rules and procedures, establishing learning goals and tasks, deciding how to work.
  • feel competent. This means investigating and responding to issues of survival and quality of life, solving real problems, creating real products.
  • feel connected with others. This means cooperative and collaborative learning, peer support, community linkages, mutual respect.
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